Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Zygote’

In 2017, director of modern science fiction classic District 9 (2009) launched his new film platform, Oats Studios. He’s since been quietly dropping high-concept shorts online, inviting us into the depths of his creative process. Brief snippets of concepts which might one day become feature-length productions.

10 Days of Horror – Day One: ABE

Halloween is upon us all once more! Last year in the run-up to All Hallows’ Eve, Flicks and Pieces brought 10 blood-soaked movie, television and video game suggestions to you in preparation for the big day itself. This year, 10 Days of Horror makes its return, but this time around each day will bring with it…

10 Days Of Horror – Day Nine

So we arrive at the eve of All Hallows’ Eve with the penultimate instalment of 10 Days of Horror. And they say TV is bad for you…

10 Days Of Horror – Day Six

The countdown to Halloween continues today with a change in direction, deep deep deep underground – things are going to get claustrophobic on day six of 10 Days of Horror.

10 Days Of Horror – Day Five

At the mid point of the Flicks and Pieces Halloween advent calendar, we head to the sleepy coastal town of Antonio Bay…

10 Days Of Horror – Day Two

And so we reach day two of our Halloween advent calendar, and this one is a doozy. Best watched with the lights out and the sound up:

10 Days Of Horror – Day One

To get everyone thoroughly in the mood for Halloween, for the next 10 days leading up to All Hallows’ Eve Flicks and Pieces will be recommending a classic horror film, TV show or game worth cracking out in time for the big day. Think of it as a Halloween advent calendar of sorts. But instead of…