10 Days of Horror – Day One: ABE

Halloween is upon us all once more! Last year in the run-up to All Hallows’ Eve, Flicks and Pieces brought 10 blood-soaked movie, television and video game suggestions to you in preparation for the big day itself. This year, 10 Days of Horror makes its return, but this time around each day will bring with it an excellent, creepy and terrifying short film for you to feast your eyes upon. Day One introduces ABE. Hands up who’s ever wanted a robot helper!

Introducing ABE:

ABE is a friendly robot. Keen to help and full of love. Perhaps, just perhaps, a little bit too much love. Terrifying and heartbreaking in equal measures, ABE is a beautifully dark cautionary tale written and directed by Rob McLellan.

Watch ABE:

Shortly after its release MGM picked up the rights for a feature length version of ABE, with production ongoing on the project. Whilst the wait for more misadventures with our loving friend goes on, you can check out more from director Rob McLellan on Vimeo.

Head on over to 10 Days of Horror: Day Two for more frightful delights!

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