10 Days Of Horror – Day Seven

Roll up, roll up, day seven of 10 Days of Horror shuffles into view with Telltale Games’ finest hour…

Day 7 of 10:

Telltale’s The Walking Dead:

Lee, meet Clementine.
Lee, meet Clementine.

The Walking Dead franchise is a juggernaut. With one of the biggest TV shows around currently and a long standing comic book series, Telltale Games took up the task of bringing The Walking Dead into the gaming world. And they did so with aplomb.

Season one of this episodic game series had it all – drama, suspense, thrills and (blood) spills, whilst at the same time bringing a genuine connection between the player and the lead characters Lee and Clementine. Their father/daughter relationship develops beautifully over the course of the season as you control Lee, and attempt to keep Clementine safe in the post-apocalyptic world.

The game unfolds much like a choose your own ending story, with excruciatingly difficult decisions being forced upon the gamer under strict time restrictions. The decisions you make in these moments have repercussions that last not only for that episode, but also throughout the season and beyond, shaping the way in which other characters interact with you. For indecisive people (such as myself) this can lead to some hair tearing junctures, but ultimately it provides a rewarding and rich experience, as well as the best representation of The Walking Dead outside of the comics.

10 Days of Horror – Day Six.

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