It Review

With character archetypes plucked right out of the likes of Stand By Me and The Goonies, deftly blended with action-packed horror, It is a pitch perfect ’80s throwback.

The Limehouse Golem Review

1880, Victorian London. Infamous killer Jack the Ripper is on the cusp of his murderous spree through the gothic, shadowy suburbs of the industrialised city. But not before another spills blood on the streets before him; the mass murdering Limehouse Golem.

Forever Pure Review

At a time when racism in football is still rife, Forever Pure shines a light on an issue that plagues the sport in Israel, and in doing so stands as a worthy voice in the fight against hate.

Dunkirk Review

In 1940 the German army pinned back the Allied forces in the French coastal city of Dunkirk. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers, British and French, trapped like sitting ducks on the beaches, facing death. With battles on their home soil still being fought, and more yet to come, the fate of the British army’s life was…

War for the Planet of the Apes Review

War for the Planet of the Apes is much more than your average summer blockbuster. There’s no hand-holding to be found here; it’s near-silent, oft subtitled, methodically paced, brave filmmaking from director Matt Reeves. This is one ape’s personal story unravelled on a grand scale, with the highest of stakes. There’s not enough room for…

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Teenage life can be tough. The tests, the teachers, the crushes, the overly violent villains trying to kill you. Or, at least, some of those things for most people. For Peter Parker (Tom Holland) though, it’s all of the above. That’s what you get when you mix school with your superheroic career aspirations, I suppose.