Bad Neighbours 2 Review

Blissfully married Mac and Kelly get new – and suitably bad – bad neighbours. Mac and Kelly strike back against said neighbours. Chaos ensues. 

Everybody Wants Some!! Review

Everybody Wants Some!! opens with college newbie Jake (Blake Jenner) on route to his new student home, rolling through the sun-kissed streets in his vintage car, with The Knack’s “My Sharona” blaring out of the windows. It’s effortlessly cool, irresistibly groovy, and it sets the tone perfectly. Welcome to the 1980s, the home of great music, dodgy style…

The Conjuring 2 Review

The first Conjuring movie built its tension through a sense of foreboding, atmosphere, and terrifying imagery, largely sidestepping the genre pitfalls of fake-outs and jump scares to create one of the finest horror movies Hollywood has churned out in recent memory. The Conjuring 2 on the other hand sadly falls into too many of said traps, and…

The Legend of Tarzan Review

Tarzan is a man whose life has been one of deep tragedy and intense love in equal measures. Raised in the Congo by apes after the death of his parents, he adapted and became one with not just the animals that brought him up, but also with the jungle itself. His life in the wilderness…

Gomorrah: Seasons One & Two Review

99% of the time, crime doesn’t pay. For the 1% however – those intelligent, hardened and violent few – it pays big. Much to the expense of those whose lives they touch on their rise to power.