The Conjuring 2 Review

The first Conjuring movie built its tension through a sense of foreboding, atmosphere, and terrifying imagery, largely sidestepping the genre pitfalls of fake-outs and jump scares to create one of the finest horror movies Hollywood has churned out in recent memory. The Conjuring 2 on the other hand sadly falls into too many of said traps, and…

The Legend of Tarzan Review

Tarzan is a man whose life has been one of deep tragedy and intense love in equal measures. Raised in the Congo by apes after the death of his parents, he adapted and became one with not just the animals that brought him up, but also with the jungle itself. His life in the wilderness…

Gomorrah: Seasons One & Two Review

99% of the time, crime doesn’t pay. For the 1% however – those intelligent, hardened and violent few – it pays big. Much to the expense of those whose lives they touch on their rise to power.

Orange Is The New Black: Season Four Review

Twists, turns, redemptions, falls from grace. Orange is the New Black is a show which genuinely has it all. As it’s weaved its wicked web, it’s become nothing short of essential viewing. Proceed to season four with caution though; it’s going to get a little emotional up in here…

Diving Into The Unknown

There’s something quite fascinating about the unknown. It’s a fascination which pushes brave men and women to explore, delve, and in this case, dive into unexplored territories. But with groundbreaking expeditions come dangers, and sadly there are times that those dangers lead to tragedy. 

The Colony Mini Review

“Anyone can torture, but to break a person without harming physically, that’s an art.”