10 Days Of Horror – Day Five


At the mid point of the Flicks and Pieces Halloween advent calendar, we head to the sleepy coastal town of Antonio Bay…

Day 5 of 10:

The Fog:

There's something in the fog!
There’s something in the fog!

John Carpenter followed up his breakthrough movie Halloween (1978) with the haunting The Fog (1980). Set in a quiet coastal town with a dark secret, The Fog cemented Carpenter’s place amongst the cream of the crop of horror directors.

A chilling fog settles over Antonio Bay, bringing with it a horde of undead sailors, who had been sent to their watery graves 100 years ago by the founders of the seemingly peaceful town.

Whilst The Fog is an excellent horror film, it’s certainly not to be confused with the 2005 remake of the same name….the less said about that the better! See the opening scene of the original film below, and be prepared for chills:

10 Days of Horror – Day Four.

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