10 Days Of Horror – Day Three

Day three of 10 Days of Horror has arrived, and with it comes the turn of a timeless survival horror game….

Day 3 of 10:

Resident Evil:

To Hell with you Devil Dog!
To Hell with you Devil Dog!

Jumpy? Check. Scary? Check. Cheesy? Check!

The original Resident Evil is an all time classic in the survival horror genre. Whilst the series perhaps hit its height with the fourth, more action orientated entry in the series, the original introduced the world to the pure terror of lurking through an abandoned mansion, with the fear of the undead appearing around any given corner, or behind any (loading….) door.

Even worse than the zombies however was the prospect of walking past a row of windows (see above image), where the risk of being set upon by rampaging undead dogs was very high indeed. If you’re looking for a nice relaxing gameplay session, perhaps try Mario Kart. If you’re looking for a jumpy, scary and throughly cheesy roller coaster ride, look no further than Resident Evil. And if you don’t believe just how cheesy Resident Evil actually is, check out the below video (*Warning* – Childhood memories will be ruined).

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