10 Days Of Horror – Day Six

The countdown to Halloween continues today with a change in direction, deep deep deep underground – things are going to get claustrophobic on day six of 10 Days of Horror.

Day 6 of 10:


It's a bit cosy in here.
It’s a bit cosy in here.

Technically, you could argue that Buried (2010) falls into the thriller genre, however I would certainly argue that you’re unlikely to see anything quite so horrifying as this claustrophobic, exhausting, agonising tale – so I’m just going to go right ahead and add it to the 10 Days of Horror hit list.

For 90 minutes the audience is trapped in the darkness with Ryan Reynolds’ Paul Conroy, who has been buried alive in Iraq. With only a small handful of items, the mystery of how he got there unravels, and his attempt to find rescue unfolds, all the while never leaving the confines of his early grave.

Whilst I’m well informed that being trapped in a confined space with Ryan Reynolds is many a person’s idea of a good time – on the evidence of this film I think I’ll have to disagree!

10 Days of Horror – Day Five.

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