10 Days Of Horror – Day Four

Day four of the countdown to Halloween brings with it Wes Craven’s iconic Scream.

Day 4 of 10:


Ghostface strikes again.
Ghostface strikes again.

Wes Craven’s Scream stands as one of the finest modern horror movies. The murderous villain’s Ghostface mask has become a staple of Halloween, and the original film has spawned three sequels, with a TV show in the pipeline.

Scream riffs on Craven’s own earlier work, and other films of the slasher genre. Ironically, despite being a spoof of said genre, it led to a spate of slasher films through late 90’s, as well as Scary Movie, which was essentially a spoof of a spoof.

Though the films later in the series were shadows of the original, losing the originality and falling into the traps that the first film poked fun at, the first Scream movie is a scary and intelligent classic.

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