10 Days Of Horror – Day Nine

So we arrive at the eve of All Hallows’ Eve with the penultimate instalment of 10 Days of Horror. And they say TV is bad for you…

Day 9 of 10:


Tangina Barrons, medium for hire.
Tangina Barrons, medium for hire.

“They’re here.”

Tobe Hooper’s ghoulishly creepy tale of the afterlife haunting the living, Poltergeist, is a delightfully scary romp. In the quiet family home of Steven and Diane Freeling their young daughter Carol Anne becomes fixated on and converses with a TV set transmitting static. Within the static an apparition lurks, waiting to unleash itself upon the family.

Naturally, chaos and horror ensues as the Freeling’s attempt to rescue their daughter who has been taken from the mortal realm. The culmination of the film is frankly bizarre, but the ride along the way is a great deal of fun.

The horror doesn’t end with the film however, with Poltergeist (and its later sequels) supposedly being cursed after a number of the cast mysteriously died in the wake of the film’s release. Spooky!

10 Days of Horror – Day Eight.

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