The Horror of 2017

With critical darlings in Get Out, It Comes at Night and It, returning franchises, in Alien and “The Conjuring Universe”, and audience dividers in Mother! and A Cure for Wellness, 2017 has delivered a smorgasbord of horror thus far. With films come posters, and with posters come floods of fan alternatives.

Guillermo del Toro’s Monsters

“In fairy tales, monsters exist to be a manifestation of something that we need to understand, not only a problem we need to overcome, but also they need to represent, much like angels represent the beautiful, pure, eternal side of the human spirit, monsters need to represent a more tangible, more mortal side of being…

Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Zygote’

In 2017, director of modern science fiction classic District 9 (2009) launched his new film platform, Oats Studios. He’s since been quietly dropping high-concept shorts online, inviting us into the depths of his creative process. Brief snippets of concepts which might one day become feature-length productions.

The Eyes of My Mother Review

The Eyes of My Mother isn’t your average horror genre schlock. It avoids jump scares, traditional music cues, and even, for the most part, visual violence. Instead it opts for creeping tension, and a less is more approach. And it’s an approach that works on the whole, even if it does stretch itself a bit too…

The Conjuring 2 Review

The first Conjuring movie built its tension through a sense of foreboding, atmosphere, and terrifying imagery, largely sidestepping the genre pitfalls of fake-outs and jump scares to create one of the finest horror movies Hollywood has churned out in recent memory. The Conjuring 2 on the other hand sadly falls into too many of said traps, and…

10 Days of Horror – Day Ten: The Black Hole

As the saying goes, eat, drink and be scary – Halloween is here! Before 10 Days of Horror rides off into the moonlight atop a witch’s broomstick, there is one final treat to be shared. Step forth, and enter The Black Hole.

10 Days of Horror – Day Nine: One Last Dive

Day Nine of 10 Days of Horror is here, which means that we have reached the eve of Halloween. Overly loving robots, twisted takes on Disney classics and fairy tales you’ll be glad your parents never told you have come and gone with the chilling October winds, and left in their wake is Day Nine’s short film,…

10 Days of Horror – Day Eight: 2AM: The Smiling Man

2 AM. The perfect time for a quiet stroll through the streets of a slumbering neighbourhood. The perfect time for some peace and tranquility….it’s just a shame that not everyone has been drilled in the art of allowing personal space. A very smiley welcome, esteemed friends, to 10 Days of Horror – Day Eight.

10 Days of Horror – Day Seven: Mamá

Mother’s home, just in time for Day Seven of the Flicks and Pieces Halloween countdown, and she’s bringing with her maternal instincts that are slightly out of the ordinary.

10 Days of Horror – Day Six: Alma

As we all know, there’s nothing more chilling than a Pixar movie, right? OK – so perhaps there are quite a few things a lot more chilling, but Day Six of 10 Days of Horror offers up a Pixar inspired film which shows that cutesy animation and a whimsical outlook can still be a fertile breeding ground…

10 Days of Horror – Day Five: Suckablood

Dear reader, so you’ve made it here alive, To the All Hallows’ Eve advent calendar, 10 Days of Horror – Day Five. We’ve reached halfway, through ghosts, ghouls and torment, But I beg you to take heed, do not allow your life’s blood to be spent. There are lessons to be learnt from this film, pay attention…