10 Days of Horror – Day Nine: One Last Dive

Day Nine of 10 Days of Horror is here, which means that we have reached the eve of Halloween. Overly loving robots, twisted takes on Disney classics and fairy tales you’ll be glad your parents never told you have come and gone with the chilling October winds, and left in their wake is Day Nine’s short film, One Last Dive; perhaps the scariest of the 10 Days of Horror offerings yet.

Introducing One Last Dive:

Oceans and rivers can be mysterious places. Deep, dark, and littered with relics from the past, their deepest territories ventured to by few and far between. If One Last Dive is anything to go by, there’s a pretty compelling reason to avoid the murky depths.

Directed by Jason Eisener (Hobo With a Shotgun), One Last Dive is a trip into waters unknown, seen through the eyes of the protagonist. It’s brief, yet brutal on the old ticker. You have been warned…

Watch One Last Dive:


10 Days of Horror concludes tomorrow, when we reach All Hallows’ Eve. Until then, rest well, finalise your costumes, prepare your tricks and treats, and don’t let the monster under your bed whisk you away.

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