10 Days of Horror – Day Seven: Mamá

Mother’s home, just in time for Day Seven of the Flicks and Pieces Halloween countdown, and she’s bringing with her maternal instincts that are slightly out of the ordinary.

Introducing Mamá:

Oozing atmosphere and showcasing parenting skills right up there with those seen in 10 Days of Horror – Day Five’s SuckabloodMamá was the launching pad for Andrés Muschietti’s directorial career. This was in no small part thanks to a new friend the film afforded him, none other than Pan’s Labyrinth and Crimson Peak director Guillermo del Toro, who – after the short film scared the bejesus out of him – was inspired to produce the 2013 feature length adaption of the same name. Who better to introduce the short than the man himself?

Watch Mamá:

Andrés Muschietti is back in the director’s chair shortly for adaptations of cult classic video game Shadow of the Colossus and the Stephen King novel It.


Enter the 10 Days of Horror crypt with Days One through Six below, and return tomorrow for a late night stroll to remember.

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