10 Days of Horror – Day Eight: 2AM: The Smiling Man

2 AM. The perfect time for a quiet stroll through the streets of a slumbering neighbourhood. The perfect time for some peace and tranquility….it’s just a shame that not everyone has been drilled in the art of allowing personal space.

A very smiley welcome, esteemed friends, to 10 Days of Horror – Day Eight.

Introducing 2AM: The Smiling Man:

Based on a true story one Redditor shared back in 2012 (scaring hundreds of readers in the process), filmmaker Michael Evans’ 2AM: The Smiling Man recreates the tale of a late night encounter with the strangest of people. The man behind the story claims to have cancelled his late night wanderings following his encounter with The Smiling Man; after watching the film I’m sure you will agree that he was most sensible to do so.

Watch 2AM: The Smiling Man:


There are just two scary shorts left to reveal for 10 Days of Horror, with Halloween almost here. For Day Nine, we go underwater for One Last Dive.

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