10 Days of Horror – Day Five: Suckablood

Dear reader, so you’ve made it here alive,

To the All Hallows’ Eve advent calendar, 10 Days of Horror – Day Five.

We’ve reached halfway, through ghosts, ghouls and torment,

But I beg you to take heed, do not allow your life’s blood to be spent.

There are lessons to be learnt from this film, pay attention and pray,

That Suckablood, Suckablood, Suckablood does not come your way.

Introducing Suckablood:

A fairytale of the darkest kind, don’t let its rhyming narrator fool you, Suckablood is a frightful short from Ben Tillett and Jake Hendriks, featuring excellent production design, and the worst parenting the world has ever seen!

Watch Suckablood:


Tomorrow’s short film takes us to an exceptionally cute animated world, filled with exceptionally dire consequences for nosey children with Alma.

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