10 Days of Horror – Day Two: Lot254

Each day in the build-up to Halloween Flicks and Pieces will be opening a new door on its All Hallows’ Eve advent calendar – 10 Days of Horror – to share a hair-raisingly scary short film with you all.

Day Two brings Lot254. Place your bids, if you dare.

Introducing Lot254:

With the debate over shooting on film vs digital raging on, it’s time for both sides to down weapons and come to the realisation that anything pre 2015 must be crushed, burnt in a fiery pit, and buried deep, deep beneath the ocean floor. Because if Lot254 has taught me anything, it’s that nothing good can come from anything that’s been around long enough to become a home to the dead. “Buy a vintage film camera”, they said. “Start a collection”, they said. Say what you will about digital cameras, but at least they don’t get possessed by murderous spirits.

Watch Lot254:

Lot254 was made by British filmmaker Toby Meakins, purveyor of horrifying shorts.


Step back in time to 10 Days of Horror: Day One, or move onto Day Three’s short film, The Little Mermaid…Disney it most certainly is not.

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