Game of Thrones: The Wars To Come – The Big Takeaway and Mini Review

Game of Thrones is back, and it’s back with a style and panache only Game of Thrones can bring. As always, there were lots of moving parts, and characters to catch up on, but who was the biggest mover and shaker of Game of Thrones on its opening week? All shall be revealed – Valar Morghulis.

Game Of Thrones Exhibition: London

On February 12th I headed to realms unknown (London), to the land of Westeros (the O2 Arena) for the Game of Thrones Exhibition, and it was awesome!

Arrow Spinoff Pitch – John Diggle: Family Man

I have a pitch for you all! This is going to blow all the TV heavyweights out of the water. Step aside Game of Thrones, shuffle away The Walking Dead. There is one Arrow spinoff that has the potential to shake the very foundations of television as we know it, based on the greatest sidekick…

Winter Is Coming…

The night is dark and full of terrors….but TV postings will keep them at bay.