Arrow Spinoff Pitch – John Diggle: Family Man

I have a pitch for you all! This is going to blow all the TV heavyweights out of the water. Step aside Game of Thrones, shuffle away The Walking Dead. There is one Arrow spinoff that has the potential to shake the very foundations of television as we know it, based on the greatest sidekick known to man – John ‘Dig’ Diggle.

Watching Arrow recently, I’ve become increasingly concerned. Things are starting to look a bit dangerous for the real hero of the show, and new father, John Diggle. It’s time for him to step out of the dingy back alleys of Star City, and to settle down with the Mrs, and baby Sara. He’s been super army soldier extraordinaire, followed by body guard extraordinaire, and now sidekick extraordinaire, but it’s time for him to hang up his, erm, tie (?) and become family man extraordinaire.

Corto Maltese
John Diggle: Family Man

Relocating his family to sunny California, Diggle looks to follow his life long dream of becoming an actor, but to make ends meet he takes an apprenticeship at a law firm by day, and a night job as a bouncer at a high end jazz club, whilst at the same time raising baby Sara (who likes to raise a bit of hell herself). There will be hilarious hijinks, and Diggle will grow into the ultimate father whilst his family expands around him and his career lifts off. I’m thinking a Beethoven meets Cheaper By The Dozen sort of tone.

His boss at the law firm will of course be played by Steve Martin – an initially uptight, stand-off fellow named Jim McNeil, whose heart is warmed by Diggle’s parenting skills, and law making abilities. Much like Steve Martin in real life, McNeil will be a keen banjo player – but he will have kept that little ditty a close personal secret until Diggle inspires him to be himself and share his talent. Meanwhile, Diggle has been inspired by the smooth jazz on display at the Jazz Club where he works at night, and picks up the saxophone, eventually forming the ultimate banjo/saxophone band with McNeil – Saxobanj!

Saxobanj front man: John Diggle.

In the tradition of Arrow/ Flash crossover episodes of the past, there will be Family Man and Arrow crossover episodes regularly, where Oliver and Roy visit to help with the babysitting of Diggle’s expanding family, leading to 3 Men and a Baby style antics.

After 20 seasons of John Diggle: Family Man, by which point it will naturally be a cultural phenomenon, it will culminate with a blockbuster movie in which Dig’s band Saxobanj reach stardom, and his first child Sara (no longer a baby of course) gets married.

Buckle in people, you’re in for a ride. This show is going to majestic, heartwarming, touching, and hilarious. Not wanting to honk my own horn, but this is clearly an amazing idea!

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  1. lilypup says:

    Very professional review! Am from Community Pool…really enjoyed your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Luke Kent says:

      Thanks so much for taking a look, glad you like 🙂


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