For Your Consideration

This is not a drill!

What is this post about, I hear you ask? Flicks, pieces, stuff and things.

Rick loves stuff and things...
Rick loves stuff and things…

For those who have not come across Flicks and Pieces before it’s a new(ish) film, TV, and video game blog where share my thoughts on stuff and things. Me and Rick have a lot in common like that.  Except that he prefers gardening over flicks.


Welcome, and good luck negotiating the dark corners of my inner thoughts. For those of you who have visited Flicks and Pieces before, thank you very much, I’m happier to see you here than Luke was when he first met Leia.


So what is the actual point of this post? Weeeell, Flicks and Pieces is a candidate for in the UK Blog Awards, and I’m here to scream a rallying cry to ask for your consideration if/when placing a vote for your favourite contender. Why vote for Flicks and Pieces? Who doesn’t love an underdog story?

Rocky meme

This is a new blog, but one with a lot of heart, gusto, and a determination to entertain, and to discuss cinema, television and games. There are some truly fantastic blogs up for contention (I can recommend taking  a look at the candidates, some of them are unbelievably good), and hopefully my lil blog can stand alongside the big boys and can pick up a vote or two. But I’m certainly going to need some help!

Where else can you come to for reviews, news, film art, infographics, cinematography and photography? OK, so probably quite a few places, but for the purpose of this paragraph we shall pretend not so much.

Here’s just a snippet of some of the wonderful things people have been saying about Flicks and Pieces:

“It’s very good.” – My mother.

“What’s the point?” – My best friend.

Hodor. Hodor, Hodor.
Hodor. Hodor, Hodor.

If you’d like to place your vote for Flicks and Pieces, click on the below image, armed with your name and email address – it just takes a second and loops back round to the candidates page once your vote is placed for more fantastic blogging goodness:

Vote now!
Vote now!

Thanks for the support, for taking a look see at my blog, and for generally being awesome 🙂


Voting is now closed! Thank you very much to everyone who voted, it means the world!!

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  1. Shreya says:

    Haha gotta love moms and best friends. Good luck with this, Luke!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Luke Kent says:

      Haha, thanks so much 🙂


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