Gomorrah: Seasons One & Two Review

99% of the time, crime doesn’t pay. For the 1% however – those intelligent, hardened and violent few – it pays big. Much to the expense of those whose lives they touch on their rise to power.

Orange Is The New Black: Season Four Review

Twists, turns, redemptions, falls from grace. Orange is the New Black is a show which genuinely has it all. As it’s weaved its wicked web, it’s become nothing short of essential viewing. Proceed to season four with caution though; it’s going to get a little emotional up in here…

The X-Files: Season Ten Review

Dark, funny, goofy and muddled, The X-File’s return is one of variety, but also of wild inconsistency. It’s not the triumphant return many fans had hoped for, but it certainly had moments where it recaptured that ’90s magic.

Happy Birthday Flicks and Pieces!

Flicks and Pieces has hit its first birthday! Since its humble beginnings back in September 2014, over 30, 000 visitors have flocked to, stumbled upon, and been forcibly prodded into viewing the ramblings of little old me – a big thank you to you all!

Fear the Walking Dead “Pilot” Review

Fear the Walking Dead, prequel to The Walking Dead, was billed very much as a family drama first, and a zombie horror second, and in that respect it absolutely succeeds in its target. The methodically paced series opener is reasonably light on undead attacks, blood and gore, but what it does bring to the table is a well rounded…

Something’s Coming – Introducing: Fear The Walking Dead

“When civilisation ends, it ends fast.” The Walking Dead universe is about to get a whole lot bigger. Fear begins here. The Walking Dead’s new companion show – Fear the Walking Dead – is set for its UK premiere on August 24th in London, ahead of its UK TV debut on Monday, August 31st, and the tale of…