It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…a Superman Musical?

It was 1966, smack bang in the midst of the Silver Age of Comic Books, that the idea struck. With the popularity of superheroes old and new once more skyrocketing, the opportunity to capitalise on the public’s renewed interest in comics had grown too great to turn down. And what better way to do so…

American Horror Story: Hotel “Checking In” Review

There’s no doubting it, American Horror Story is an odd show. At its best, it’s scary (as the title would suggest), provocative and thrilling. At its worst, it’s a mess. The opening thirty minutes of season five sadly fall firmly into the latter camp, acting as a hyperactive montage of all of the worst bits of American…

Check in at the American Horror Story: Hotel

American Horror Story is returning on October 7th, and this time we’re visiting Hotel Cortez, a delightful looking establishment in Los Angeles, for what is sure to be another nice and relaxing season of everyone’s grandmother’s favourite show….

The Flicks and Pieces Top 10

Flicks and Pieces is celebrating its first birthday, so what better time than now to look back on year one of its life, counting down the most popular posts from the past year, from 10 to 1? So without further ado…

American Horror Story: Lange Is Out, But Is That Such A Bad Thing?

Finally after months of speculation it is official – the American Horror Story kingpin Jessica Lange is riding of into the sunset for ventures new. Sure she played a big part in the show’s successes over the past four seasons, but personally I’m ready for AHS to take the leap into new territories.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend: Tommy Wiseau Returns

Oh hi reader, what’s new with you? Writer, director, producer and actor Tommy Wiseau is back ladies and gentlemen. Following up timeless classic The Room, Wiseau has returned to grace our screens with new his new series (!) The Neighbors.