Check in at the American Horror Story: Hotel

American Horror Story is returning on October 7th, and this time we’re visiting Hotel Cortez, a delightful looking establishment in Los Angeles, for what is sure to be another nice and relaxing season of everyone’s grandmother’s favourite show….

To get us all limbered up for some spine-chilling scares, the brand new opening sequence for American Horror Story: Hotel has been released, and true to the form of its predecessors, it’s rather creepy indeed:

This will be the very first Jessica Lange free season of the show, and whilst several familiar faces return (with Kathy Bates getting top billing), there is fresh meat to be found lurking the corridors of Hotel Cortez as well, including Lady Gaga (yes, that Lady Gaga), Naomi Campbell (yes, that Naomi Campbell) and New Girl’s Max Greenfield (….actually, that one’s pretty cool).

Will you be checking into Hotel Cortez? Leave your thoughts in the feedback box (comments) at the front desk (below).

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  1. Katie w says:

    Looks immense! Thought Freak Show lost it’s way somewhat so excited for this new offering!!

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    1. Luke Kent says:

      Really looking forward to it! I preferred Freak Show to Coven, but excited for it getting back to being proper horror…even if it does look super creepy lol!


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