The Flicks and Pieces Top 10

Flicks and Pieces is celebrating its first birthday, so what better time than now to look back on year one of its life, counting down the most popular posts from the past year, from 10 to 1? So without further ado…

10: It’s Chriiiiistmas: Must Watch Christmas Movies


Who doesn’t love a good Christmas movie? This article looks at some of the very best of them!

9: Arrow Spinoff Pitch – John Diggle: Family Man


The man, the myth, the legend – it’s that wise old sage, John Diggle, and it’s time for him to get his own spinoff!

8: Kingdom Hearts 3 Wishlist


Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally coming, and Flicks and Pieces is here with its list of demands.

7: Why Change is Coming and That’s OK: A Conversation between Fans about Diversity


A co-written piece looking at diversity in the superhero genre.

6: Orange is the New Black: Season Three Review


A look back on the latest season of the Netflix behemoth, Orange is the New Black.

5: A Game of Thrones Pick Me Up: 10 Pieces of Outstanding Game of Thrones Fan Art


Game of Thrones + Fan art = Awesome.

4: Best Of British TV Dramas (That Aren’t Downton Abbey)


Yes, there are British dramas other than Downton Abbey.

3: It’s Always Sunny Inspirational Posters


Prepare to be inspired by Philadelphia’s most humble citizens.

2: Introducing – Aether: The Rise Of Specter


An in depth look at Aether, a new steampunk science fiction movie coming your way soon.

1: How To Survive a Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings Movie Marathon


Six films, 1171 minutes, nearly 20 hours….the one movie marathon to rule them all.

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