Meet Kylo Ren

Vanity Fair have let the cat out of the bag – Adam Driver (Girls) is officially Star Wars: The Force Awaken’s big bad, Kylo Ren. Whilst it’s been suspected to be the case for a while now, confirmation of the news, along with the release of an official image of the man himself in action…

Kingdom Hearts 3 Wish List

Developers Square Enix are taking their sweet time with this one! By the time Kingdom Hearts 3 finally releases, it will have been over 10 years (and an entire console generation) since the last numbered sequel. There have been a number of portable games in the franchise since, filling in the gaps between the second and…

A New Hope

Dreaming up The Empire Strikes Back? Or dreaming of a world where CGI would make Jar Jar a reality? In response to The Daily Post photo challenge.  

10 Beautiful Alternative Movie Posters

Let’s take a look at 10 beautiful alternative movie posters, which have been created by some truly incredible artists. Prepare for your eyes to be dazzled by some remarkable one sheets.