The Art of Stranger Things

“Something’s coming. Something hungry for blood. A shadow grows on the wall behind you, swallowing you in darkness. It is almost here.”

An ode to the ’80s, friendship, and all things strange, Stranger Things is perhaps the finest of all of the Netflix Originals. Any show which features such vital life lessons as the following should essentially be mandatory viewing:

  1. Friends don’t lie.
  2. You shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to.
  3. Mornings are for coffee and contemplation.
  4. It’s acceptable to eat Eggos for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  5. Screaming “Lando!” at potentially treacherous scoundrels is fun.

And though Stranger Things has given to its fans in the form of wildly important nuggets of wisdom, the fans have gifted glorious art in return. Just all of the fan art. There’s enough Barb art alone to fill a gallery. Lurking beneath, somewhere in the Upside Down (i.e. literally right below the next sentence) lies just a smattering of some of the internet’s finest celebrations of the folks from Hawkins, Indiana. To open the gallery, just give an image a cheeky click!


Originally posted as part of 13 Days of Horror:

“13 Days of Horror, a countdown of spooky thrills and spills…

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