The Walking Dead “The Damned” Bitesize Review

“We move forward. As we move the very world forward.”

Melissa McBride as Carol.


Shooting blanks towards the camera for twenty-plus minutes does not equal thrilling action. “The Damned” is an episode packed with gunfire and bloodshed that still manages to lack any real sense of peril until the final few moments. The result: it’s all a bit vanilla. We’ve had this before, we’ll have it again. It’s at least pleasing to see a concerted effort to up the tempo, but with the characters worth caring about spread thinly across three decreasingly interesting A, B and C teams, and continued questionable choices on the heroes’ parts, progress made in the season opener is largely undone here.

Rating (out of 5):


Originally posted as part of 13 Days of Horror:

“13 Days of Horror, a countdown of spooky thrills and spills…

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