The Walking Dead “Mercy” Bitesize Review

“The bigger world is ours by right.”

Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Ezekiel (Chary Payton) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) rally the troops.


The Walking Dead returns with its one-hundredth episode. With the season kicking off on such an important landmark, you might be forgiven for expecting major developments on the scale of Negan’s violent introduction in last year’s opener. That’s not what we get, however. Rather it’s a case of a return of the familiar; rousing speeches, meaningful stares, and an explosive final ten minutes, all executed with confidence. No, the wheel isn’t being broken by any stretch, but solid action, momentum, and our protagonists finally feeling as though they’re on the front foot can only be cause for optimism.

Rating (out of 5):


Originally posted as part of 13 Days of Horror:

“13 Days of Horror, a countdown of spooky thrills and spills…

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