We Need To Talk About Dandy

American Horror Story: Freak Show’s Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock), son to Gloria Mott (Frances Conroy), is a troubled boy. Whilst the world has been waxing lyrical over, and screaming in horror in equal measures at Twisty the Clown, Dandy Mott seems to have been little discussed. I put it to you however, that young Dandy is American Horror Story: Freak Show’s scariest creation so far.

*AHS: Freak Show episode one and two spoilers incoming*

Perhaps it stems from his spoilt upbringing? Perhaps he is simply misunderstood? Or perhaps Dandy is a psychopath? My money is on the latter. Lets be clear, Twisty the Clown is skin crawlingly horrible. But Dandy has a dark side beyond his bratty demeanour. Not only does he apparently take pleasure in skinning the neighbourhood cats, but he shows no fear in the face of Twisty, in fact revelling in his sadistic games. What normal individual would not be concerned by this guy appearing in his house?

Twisty the Clown, available for hire.
Twisty the Clown, available for hire.

So why on Earth would any sane human being want to be around someone like Twisty? Because Twisty provides Dandy with the audience which he so desires. AHS has its fair share of over the top theatrics, but Dandy and his mother Gloria take the biscuit. Twisty acts as a captive viewer of Dandy’s puppet performances, and despite Twisty clocking him over the head and knocking him out, Dandy still helps Twisty to recover the two children trying to escape his capture.

The fact that Twisty doesn’t find Dandy irritatingly self centred enough to kill straight away, even though we have seen him kill for no clear reason, would suggest that he has a soft spot for our troubled Dandy. And anyone Twisty has a soft spot for is not going to be the type of person you would invite round for dinner.

Gloria Mott is sadly a terrible mother. She has unfortunately raised a monster, a snob, and named her child Dandy. I’ll let that sink in for a moment….Dandy. Not only this, but upon spotting Twisty, she neither seems to feel as though he is of any danger, nor appears to believe that introducing him to her quite clearly unstable son would be a bad idea.

Dandy, meet Twisty,
Dandy, meet Twisty,

She enables Dandy, Twisty enables Dandy, and Dandy enables Twisty. It’s literally a vicious cycle. With Twisty on his side, Dandy could be the greatest threat to the protagonists of Freak Show. Though certainly not as visually petrifying as Twisty, nor as brutally murderous (so far), he does appear to be intelligent (or perhaps dimwitted) enough to get on the right side of of his new ‘friend’.

“I’m one of you, I’ll prove it” claims Dandy in episode two, insisting to Evan Peters’ Jimmy Darling that he should be allowed to join the troupe. Naturally Jimmy refuses Dandy’s suggestion, more than likely putting himself and his fellow “Freaks” in a whole load of trouble. I’m relatively sure that Dandy will in time prove himself to be more of an oddity than any of the stars of the Freak Show. And if he can keep Twisty by his side, things could certainly get messy.

Knowing American Horror Story, we are sure to be in for a bumpy ride, but one thing’s for sure – Dandy is a ticking time bomb and as nutty as a Snickers. Anyone not afraid of Twisty, and willing to help him in fact, is a dangerous person indeed.

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