Jesse and Walt, Breaking Bad.
Jesse (Aaron Paul) and Walt (Bryan Cranston) in Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad, cinematography by Michael Slovis. In response to the Daily Post challenge – Minimalist*.

“I shot this as if it was a movie in the 1960s or ’70s, where all of the color was burned in. We did not do things that could be fixed later on, and we did not widen frames so they could be adjusted later on. Everything was very intentional, everything was very much decided by the directors and Vince and myself on the day. So, the show was shot with a certain intent, and then it was also finished with a certain intent. And I was able to carry through all the way through to the coloring of the final shows. That’s why, whether you like the look of the show or not, it has a feeling of continuity and organic-ness to it.” -Michael Slovis.

*With bonus minimalist Breaking Bad poster….shiny!

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  1. I love the idea behind your photo. No words really exist but there must be an interesting conversation between them.

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