Robert Zemeckis and Change in Cinema

“Film, as we have traditionally thought of it, is going to be different. But the continuum is man’s desire to tell stories around the campfire. The only thing that keeps changing is the campfire.”

The Last Light Of Durin’s Day

“Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks, and the setting sun with the last light of Durin’s Day will shine upon the key-hole.”

All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

“Stanley Kubrick’s sole horror film, The Shining is governed by diabolical symmetry, formal as well as thematic.” – The Shining, shot by John Alcott. In response to The Daily Post Challenge – Symmetry.

Shiny, Let’s Be Bad Guys

“It’s part of the whole ethos of the movie, putting you there on that ship, with those characters. It’s how I’ve always liked to make stories, whether it’s a show like Buffy or a show like Firefly. You take seemingly impossible situations and treat them as real as you can, but also make sure that…

Welcome To The Bates Motel

“I think I must have one of those faces you can’t help believing.” – Norman Bates. Psycho (1960), directed by Alfred Hitchcock, shot by John L. Russell. In response to the Daily Post challenge: Shadowed.

Iron Jim on Avatar

“It’s fine to say, ‘Hey, we did all this unprecedented stuff’, but you have to be willing to go through the painful steps of creating those things and going from an idea to a prototype to a production-ready toolset in a very, very rapid timeframe.” – James Cameron. Pioneer of visual effects technology, 3D cinematography,…

No Justice Without Sin

“My dad – I’d love him if I didn’t hate him! He spent a fortune hiring every expert on the planet to grow back that equipment you blew off between my legs! He succeeded, although, as you can see, there were some… side effects.” – Yellow Bastard. Sin City (2005), shot by Robert Rodriguez. Nancy, meet Yellow…

Hogwarts: The Great Hall

“Harry had never even imagined such a strange and splendid place. It was lit by thousands and thousands of candles that were floating in midair over four long tables, where the rest of the students were sitting. These tables were laid with glittering golden plates and goblets. At the top of the hall was another…

Gone, But Not Forgotten

Looking back on and paying tribute to just a handful of the finest filmmaking talent to have passed away in 2014.


Breaking Bad, cinematography by Michael Slovis. In response to the Daily Post challenge – Minimalist*.