10 Days of Horror – Day Ten

The 10 Days of Horror advent calendar wraps up today with Sam Raimi returning to his horror roots with a bang. Hell hath no fury like an old lady scorned…

Day 10 of 10:

Drag Me To Hell:

Time for cuddles.
Time for cuddles.

Many moons on from his feature film directorial debut The Evil Dead, Sam Raimi returned to his horror beginnings with the delightfully dark Drag Me To Hell. If there was any concern that Raimi may have lost his twisted sense of humour after working on Spider-Man for the best part of a decade, these concerns were banished within about 10 minutes of Drag Me To Hell.

After being refused an extension on her mortgage by Christine Brown (Alison Lohman), Sylvia Ganush (Lorna Raver) places a curse upon Christine, damning her to Hell. This films is bonkers. Brilliant, but crazy! Much like Raimi’s Evil Dead series, Drag Me To Hell strikes a balance between the funny and the macabre, whilst very much keeping tongue firmly in cheek.

With an excellent performance from Lorna Raver as the scorned and desperate Ganush, and scares by the bucket load, Drag Me To Hell is the perfect film to round out 10 Days of Horror. Happy Halloween everyone!

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