Don’t Knock Twice Mini Review

“When I was a kid there was this strange old woman. People started saying she was a witch. If you knocked on her door, she would come and get you.”

The Eyes of My Mother Review

The Eyes of My Mother isn’t your average horror genre schlock. It avoids jump scares, traditional music cues, and even, for the most part, visual violence. Instead it opts for creeping tension, and a less is more approach. And it’s an approach that works on the whole, even if it does stretch itself a bit too…

Logan Review

This is the end. And what a satisfying end it is.

Certain Women Review

Certain Women is all about the performances, and those of all four of the film’s female leads are, without fail, impeccable.

A Cure For Wellness Review

It’s a downward spiral of a movie, going from moderately interesting, to tone deaf, all the way to outright horrible (and ridiculous) come the close.

Rings Review

Whoever thought that trying to make a well-dwelling, fourth wall breaking, mass murdering girl sympathetic would be a good idea could not have been more wrong. 

T2 Trainspotting Review

Trainspotting caught lightning in a bottle. It was very much a product of the ’90s, a snapshot of an alternative, and grittier side of British youth subculture. An effortlessly cool, anarchic classic that resonated with its audience (myself included), and that directly tackled the issues it spoke of with a brutal level of honesty.