Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Zygote’

In 2017, director of modern science fiction classic District 9 (2009) launched his new film platform, Oats Studios. He’s since been quietly dropping high-concept shorts online, inviting us into the depths of his creative process. Brief snippets of concepts which might one day become feature-length productions.

Goodbye Christopher Robin Bitesize Review

“The creatures in the story are toys. They’re toys, but the woods are real.” *** The increasingly chameleonic Domhnall Gleeson shines in the solidly made story behind the creation of beloved children’s book character Winnie the Pooh. Looming shadows of war and post-traumatic stress disorder flatter to deceive in lending weight to what is, in…

Blade Runner 2049 Review

Above all else, Blade Runner 2049 is a BEAUTIFUL film. Extraordinarily gorgeous, it’s as pretty as cinema gets.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Review

No doubt about it, Kingsman (2014) was a crackers movie. Spectacularly entertaining and equally bonkers. Yet it did, at least take a steady incline up to the heady heights of its peak madness, offering a fair share of initial grounding before letting loose with the infamous church massacre and exploding heads galore. With the groundwork already…

It Review

With character archetypes plucked right out of the likes of Stand By Me and The Goonies, deftly blended with action-packed horror, It is a pitch perfect ’80s throwback.

The Limehouse Golem Review

1880, Victorian London. Infamous killer Jack the Ripper is on the cusp of his murderous spree through the gothic, shadowy suburbs of the industrialised city. But not before another spills blood on the streets before him; the mass murdering Limehouse Golem.

Forever Pure Review

At a time when racism in football is still rife, Forever Pure shines a light on an issue that plagues the sport in Israel, and in doing so stands as a worthy voice in the fight against hate.

Dunkirk Review

In 1940 the German army pinned back the Allied forces in the French coastal city of Dunkirk. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers, British and French, trapped like sitting ducks on the beaches, facing death. With battles on their home soil still being fought, and more yet to come, the fate of the British army’s life was…