Last Christmas Bitesize Review

“Last Christmas I gave you my heart…”


What Last Christmas lacks in logic it makes up for in charm. And it’s Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding that lead said charm offensive, both helping to shine a little light and humour into what is otherwise a rather twee and sentimental festive tale. It holds a trick up its sleeve – revealed late on but pretty obvious from the get-go – which adds a fantastical element befitting of the (lovely) storybook version of London that provides the film’s backdrop, but otherwise, it’s by the numbers rom-com fare. Director Paul Feig has done both elements – romance and comedy – more effectively in the likes of The Office and Bridesmaids, and he’s particularly deft at balancing both. Last Christmas offers up more of a challenge for him, but the tightrope walk between emotional manipulation and well-meaning festive fun is just about pulled off, so long as you leave any cynicism at the door. Riddled with Christmassy clichés it might be, but its heart’s in the right place.

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  1. Allie says:

    I’m glad you found something to enjoy here, even if you didn’t love it!
    I got too caught up in the Christmas lights to see the twist coming, but afterwards I realised how obvious it should have been.

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