Vote Flicks and Pieces!

**UPDATE: Voting is now closed! Thank you to everyone that voted Flicks and Pieces!**

It’s that time of year again. The nights have drawn in. Cold wind and snow is spreading across the nation. The steady hum of excitement is building. It can only mean one thing:

The UK Blog Awards 2017 are just around the corner, and once again Flicks and Pieces is in the mixing pot!

Third time lucky?

The Empire Flicks and Pieces needs your vote! From Monday 5th December at 8.00am until Monday 19th December at 10.00am, public voting for the Awards is open.

The UK Blog Awards are a celebration of the best that British blogging has to offer, and I’m hoping that you’ll be so kind as to help little ol’ me sneak my way in amongst the awesome bloggers that make it through to the final stage…if I keep quiet they might not notice I’m not supposed to be there alongside the blogging royalty. Previous finalists include the likes of Blazing Minds and HC Movie Reviews, to name just a couple – amazing blogs run by amazing folks. To give Flicks and Pieces a chance of hanging with the biggies, all you need to do is click the link or image below which will take you straight through to the voting page. Enter your email, confirm your vote, and job’s a good ‘un!

*One vote per blog, per email address allowed.*

Vote for Flicks and Pieces at the UK Blog Awards 2017 (please and thank you)!

Vote for Flicks and Pieces!
Vote for Flicks and Pieces!


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  1. Voted! Best of luck!

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    1. Luke Kent says:

      Amazing, thank you so much for voting 🤗

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