Oscars 2016: The Best Cinematography Frontrunners

The fantastic folks over at Indiewire have been putting together their list of predictions for the upcoming 88th annual Academy Awards, and as always competition is fierce. This year in one category in particular we’ve had some truly stunning entries: Best Cinematography. From the sweeping desert landscapes of Mad Max: Fury Road, to the cold and harsh snow-covered forests of The Revenant, we’ve seen come crackers!

To celebrate the majestic cinematography we’ve had the pleasure of feasting our eyes upon this year, I’ve put together a group of stills from the frontrunners for the Best Cinematography category. Let us all soak in the glory of 2015’s finest cinematographers – Enjoy!

*Click an image to view in full screen mode*

Who’s your pick for 2015’s best cinematographer? Place your bets in the comments below!

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  1. I’m completely stumped with whom I would choose from this list. My list would also include The Force Awakens; however, I’m not sure if I would crown that one the winner. This is certainly one of the harder categories of the year!!

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    1. Luke Kent says:

      I have a feeling that Emmanuel Lubezki will make it three years in a row with The Revenant, he’s on a roll!

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