WWE Network FINALLY Heads To The UK


At long last, the wrestling Gods have smiled upon the UK and Ireland and confirmed the launch of the WWE Network in said territories, nearly a full year after its launch in the US and after multiple delays and cancellations reportedly due to contractual tussles with Sky TV.

Vinny Mac himself made the announcement on Twitter:

What he neglected to explain however, is quite why he is not the greatest at money conversion rates….$9.99 per month does not equal the £9.99 per month that the Network will cost in the UK….in fact it’s not far from double the going rate in the US. But alas, Brits such as myself should be used to it by now…

It is however just in time for the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania season…every cloud has a silver lining and all that! For those who have not been been introduced to the Network (it’s impossible to not have heard of it if you’ve watched a WWE show in the past year), it’s WWE’s answer to Netflix, an online video streaming service for all things wrasslin’, featuring all of the monthly PPV events and a ginormous back catalogue of wrestling goodness.

WWE Network launches in the UK and Ireland on January 19th, will you signing up? If you’re reading in the US and have a subscription already, is it worth the wait? For any further news on the Network launch, stay tuned right here, at Flicks and Pieces (cheap pop)!

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