DC Movies Incoming

Warner Bros. yesterday announced their planned slate for the next six years of DC movies, and there is much to look forward to.

DC Movies Slate
DC Movies Slate

Zack Snyder in particular is going to be a busy man over the coming years, with the upcoming Batman V Superman shooting currently, and the intriguingly titled Justice League Parts One and Two on his slate as well.

Will Ryan Reynolds be returning as Green Lantern in 2020, which will be released nine years after the original movie, or will the character be recast and rebooted? My money would be on the latter. Aquaman also looks to be a tricky proposition to get right, as a much maligned character from the DC catalogue. However Game of Thrones star Jason Momoa could well be an exciting fit for the DC universe.

It also would appear as though with Ezra Miller cast as The Flash that the DC movie and TV worlds will be kept as separate entities for the foreseeable future, with Grant Gustin playing said character in the new CW series.

So which of these slated movies are you most looking forward to? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. teachezwell says:

    I have to get my husband to go for these flicks. Otherwise I won’t see any of them since we do movies together.

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