Ghostbusters Universe?

Following on from Bill Murray’s revelations on a female led cast for the eternally in production Ghostbusters 3, Dr. Raymond Stanz himself Dan Aykroyd has been in on the act with an update of his own on the project. And suddenly, it’s more than just  a new Ghostbusters movie which we have to “look forward” to, it’s a whole universe.

According to Aykroyd, himself, Ivan Reitman who is no longer attached to direct, and the “executives” have been conjuring plans to bring about a Marvel style cinematic Ghostbusters universe.

With the passing of Harold Ramis, Bill Murray’s lack of presence in the project and Reitman no longer taking up directorial duties, perhaps the sensible step would have been to let the classic franchise live a nice and peaceful retirement. But it would unfortunately appear as though we will be subjected to “Ghostbusters in high school”….*shudders*.

Vigo judges you Mr. Aykroyd.
Vigo judges you Mr. Aykroyd.

If this must happen, and it does begin with the female led Ghostbusters 3, then for the love of the Marshmallow Man please make sure that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are cast.


Time will of course tell if this project will ever get off the ground. The third Ghostbusters instalment has had a long and well documented on/off pre-production, so we may well never end up seeing the vision that Aykroyd and his team have in mind. Whatever the outcome we will always have the first two movies though, which other than the bizarre plasticine ghost dogs still hold up well. Can’t we just let sleeping dogs lie and all enjoy this Marshmallow Dog instead?

Stay Puft Ghostbusters Dog
Stay Puft Ghostbusters Dog

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