Creed II Review

Eight films deep, and just like the character that started it all the series shows no signs of quitting.

Black Panther Review

Black Panther is a sprawling, often beautiful, globe-hopping, worldbuilding comic book movie that forges a real sense of place, and more importantly, of culture. It’s being hailed as one of the finest of all time in the genre; yes, it’s very good, but that’s a claim that might be overstating its virtues a touch though.

Creed Review

Over the course of five separate decades, and now seven films, the character of Rocky Balboa has become so entrenched in the hearts of filmgoers that his return to the big screen always felt like an inevitability.

Fantastic Four (2015) Review

What a great job Josh Trank did helming low-budget superhero flick Chronicle. Such a great job, in fact, that it makes his efforts with the Fantastic Four reboot all the more baffling. A few months out from its release there’s been plenty of time to dissect what’s gone wrong (read: everything), it’s taken its critical mauling and licked its…

Creed Trailer: “It Ain’t About How Hard You Can Hit…”

Rocky Balboa, tugging on heartstrings since 1976. Sly is back as his greatest character Rocky (step aside Rambo) for the seventh film in the classic franchise, Creed. Thankfully we won’t have to see Stallone taking a beating in the ring this time, as Michael B. Jordan (star of the upcoming Fantastic Four) takes ring duty as the…