Game of Thrones: The Wars To Come – The Big Takeaway and Mini Review

Game of Thrones is back, and it’s back with a style and panache only Game of Thrones can bring. As always, there were lots of moving parts, and characters to catch up on, but who was the biggest mover and shaker of Game of Thrones on its opening week? All shall be revealed – Valar Morghulis.

Boardwalk Empire: Season 5 Review

“Mrs. Thompson said you want to be good, but you don’t know how.” So we reach the end of the tale of Nucky Thompson’s rise and fall, as the criminally under-watched and underrated Boardwalk Empire closes shop on its fifth and final season. In my review of the season five opener I predicted an overarching theme…

Boardwalk Empire “Golden Days For Boys and Girls” Review

Be honest and true, boys! Whatever you do, boys, let this be your motto through life. Both now and forever, be this your endeavor, when wrong with the right is at strife. The best and the truest; Alas! Are the fewest; but be one of these if you can.

Boardwalk Empire: Remembering The Fallen

Boardwalk Empire returned this week, jumping forward a number of years in the story at the same time. Looking back on the past four years of Boardwalk there have been a number of character departures, often in increasingly bloody fashion. So as the show looks forward to its last hurrah, lets look back at the…