Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

One thing’s for certain: Batman v Superman is categorically not the worst comic book movie ever. Green Lantern and the godawful Fantastic Four (2015) – a film where they seemed to give up halfway through production – are going to take a bit of beating. But it’s also by no means a good film either.

Prepare For More, and More, and More, Mad Max

Mad Max: Fury Road star Tom Hardy has spilt the beans that he is attached for not one, not two, but three further Mad Max films. Three!! This is all dependant on Fury Road doing big numbers of course, but from the look of the newest trailer, and with director George Miller in the driving seat…

Lex Luthor, Bald and Badass!

The first image of Jesse Eisenberg as the iconic Lex Luthor in the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has been released, and he is looking like an all round badass.

Batman v Superman: Meet the Batmobile

The first official image of Ben Affleck’s Batmobile in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been tweeted by director Zack Snyder, and it looks great, if not entirely dissimilar to Nolan’s from the Dark Knight Trilogy…but militarised with big ol’ guns. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice lands March 25th, 2016.