John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum Bitesize Review

“All of this for what, because of a puppy?”


Keanu Reeves steps once more into the firing line as wanted man John Wick for the third outing of this increasingly bonkers and reliably excellent series. Chad Stahelski returns to direct the carnage, somehow managing to one-up even his own bafflingly high levels of stunt work, thrusting Reeves through a barrage of frankly insane action beats. Crotch-biting dogs (the pooches get some payback this time around), horseback sword skills, book assassinations, and of course, lots of guns. All choreographed to within an inch of a vengeful assassin’s life.

Parabellum also forges ahead with its expansion of the John Wick universe. For better or for worse it takes a further step in detaching itself from any sense of reality, seeing John fall deeper into the rabbit hole of the High Table. As an exercise in drip-fed world-building, it’s fascinating, allowing Stahelski to bring more flair than previously, not only through the gorgeous cinematography but also in the design of the world itself. Which is fitting, as it’s at its best when it lets the visuals do the talking, what with Derek Kolstad’s co-written script chock full of cheesy dialogue…we’re all in it for that sweet, sweet action anyway though, right?

Rating (out of 5):

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  1. I can let the cheesy dialogue pass for those amazing action scenes! I really hope Chapter 4 lives up to the other movies.

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    1. Luke Kent says:

      Me too! They just get crazier and crazier, I’m all in for Chapter 4!


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