Mary Poppins Returns Bitesize Review

“So, perhaps we’ve learned when day is done, some stuff and nonsense could be fun!”


Mary Poppins Returns is a warm hug of a movie; comfortable, familiar and hopeful, it’s the winter warmer that families should be flocking to see. Emily Blunt shines in the titular role, a sterner Poppins, but one brimming with confidence. She glides through the terrific musical numbers, each driving the sweet, and surprisingly emotionally deep narrative forward (barring one interlude with Meryl Streep that leads the film down a temporary cul-de-sac).

The performances are broad – as one of the songs puts it, there’s “a lot of hams chewing up scenery they swallow whole” – yet the overt stiff-upper-lip Britishness of it is all part of the fun. You’ll be having visions of the colourfully costumed and oh-so-English Blunt and Miranda having a right ol’ sing and dance for days. And if you’re worried that the music might not live up to the standards of the original, just wait until you hear ‘Trip a Little Light Fantastic’.

So spit spot, off you go to watch, and don’t be spoiling the adventure with too many questions!

Rating (out of 5):

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