Okja Bitesize Review

“Say hello to a super piglet. This beautiful and special little creature was miraculously discovered on one Chilean farm. We brought this precious girl to the Mirando Ranch in Arizona. Our scientists have been raising her with love and care ever since, observing and performing various studies. And we’ve successfully reproduced 26 miracle piglets by nonforced, natural mating. They are like nothing on Earth!”


A thrilling tale of friendship, animal rights and corporate greed told through director Bong Joon-ho’s wonderfully off-centre lens. Just as impressively bonkers as his last effort Snowpiercer, and even more heartfelt and effective, it’s powerful enough to have you falling in love with a giant pig, and to make you seriously reconsider ever eating bacon again. And as for Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance…just like the rest of Okja, expect the unexpected.

Rating (out of 5):

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