Reader Beware, You’re In For A Scare…

Goosebumps is back! A new poster for the Goosebumps motion picture has been revealed bringing with it floods of childhood memories….those Goosebumps books were as scary back then as the thought of what George R.R. Martin has in store for our beloved Game of Thrones characters is now.


Starring Jack Black as R. L. Stine, author of the famous book series, Goosebumps is set for release October 16th, 2015 featuring fan favourite villains Slappy, the mummy from The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb and many more. Here’s the official synopsis:

“Upset about moving from a big city to a small town, teenager Zach Cooper (Dylan Minnette) finds a silver lining when he meets the beautiful girl, Hannah (Odeya Rush), living right next door. But every silver lining has a cloud, and Zach’s comes when he learns that Hannah has a mysterious dad who is revealed to be R. L. Stine (Jack Black), the author of the bestselling Goosebumps series. It turns out that there is a reason why Stine is so strange… he is a prisoner of his own imagination – the monsters that his books made famous are real, and Stine protects his readers by keeping them locked up in their books. When Zach unintentionally unleashes the monsters from their manuscripts and they begin to terrorize the town, it’s suddenly up to Stine, Zach, and Hannah to get all of them back in the books where they belong.“

**(UPDATE: We have a trailer:)**


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  1. FilmMunch says:

    This sounds awesome! I’m keen 😁

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    1. Luke Kent says:

      It looks fun, it is directed by the guy who did the Jack Black Gulliver’s Travels though lol, but hopefully it’ll be a good blast from the past!

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      1. FilmMunch says:

        Oh ok, so we’ll have to keep our fingers-crossed then! Hopefully, reading about it just now was an awesome blast from the past! Haha

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      2. Luke Kent says:

        Haha, yep definitely fingers crossed 🙂

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  2. Jay says:

    Motion picture? For reals?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Luke Kent says:

      Haha, indeed, who *wasn’t* calling for this?!


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