He’s Back (He Did Say He Would Be)

Terminator Genisys is in the wild, released and ready to be picked over by fans worldwide. In preparation for your battle against Skynet, peruse some of the finest Terminator fan art on offer.

*Click an image to open the viewer and see the art in full screen glory.*

Enjoy Terminator Genisys, and share your thoughts on the return of the Terminator franchise in the comments below!

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  1. Jay says:

    He did say it, but probably he shouldn’t have bothered.

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    1. Luke Kent says:

      Absolutely, what a mess Genisys is!


  2. kutukamus says:

    Looks like this Termie don’t know the phrase “That’s it!” 🙂

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    1. Luke Kent says:

      Absolutely, apparently he’s going to be back for another one as well, yeesh!


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