That’s It, I’m Moving To Ferelden

During my latest marathon session on the excellent Dragon Age: Inquisition, I made up my mind: I want to move to Ferelden! The only slight wrinkle in the plan is that, well, it doesn’t actually exist, which is just plain rude.

But so is the power and spectacle of the beautiful world which BioWare have created for the third instalment of the Dragon Age series. It is stunning:

For Ferelden!
For Ferelden!

It sure is one puuurty game! The point at which I decided that Ferelden was the ideal place for me was during a romp through the countryside of the Hinterlands on horseback. I’d just galloped through a stream, past a flowing waterfall, avoided a majestic (and terrifying) dragon and reached the peaceful little farm where I had become acquainted with my horse initially. And it’s there at that farm that I want to live.

Sure there are a few problems – most of which are related to the potentially life threatening nearby rifts in the sky which spawn hordes of demons, and there is also the aforementioned dragon, but she seems to keep herself to herself mostly, unless provoked. All in all I feel that the positives outweigh the negatives…did I mention that there are waterfalls?

I would also be just a short world map trip away from the sunny shores of Orlais, though I wouldn’t want to live there permanently as it’s all a little pretentious, what with all the royalty.

For those of you thinking I’ve descended into madness, well, you may be right, but the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition is so densely, beautifully created that it almost feels like a living breathing world of its own – one which I would happily consider moving to if it were in fact a real place.

So what are your favourite game worlds? Have you ever wanted to visit Sonic’s Green Hill Zone to run the loops and hang out with the animals Robotnik has trapped? Or would you prefer to move onto the Normandy from Mass Effect? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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