Football Manager – The Beautiful Game

Football Manager 2015 promises to be another majestic representation of the beautiful game. On November 7th it will be that time of year again where folks across the nation bid farewell to their loved ones, load up their shiny new copy of FM 15 and sink endless hours into raising no hopers to Champions League glory. The Football Manager team have put together a handy video outlining some of the new features we have to look forward to.

This however perhaps pales in comparison to the gripping developments of newly famous (in the Football Manager world) Mitch East’s love life, as he took to Twitter to tell the world of his love for a girl playing FM at his university library. The results were spectacular.

All is not lost Mitch, we’re all backing you for the return leg.  Follow Mitch and Football Manager on Twitter for all the latest developments in this gripping tale.

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  1. teachezwell says:

    That’s a riot! It made me forget all about the “real” game.


    1. Luke Kent says:

      Haha, goes to show the power of social media…the guy made one comment and then suddenly has literally hundreds of random people responding, it’s amazing!


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