News Flash: Hollywood Officially Runs Out Of Ideas

Ladies and gentlemen, the sad day has arrived when Hollywood has officially run out of ideas. Empire reports that a movie based on the classic puzzle game Tetris is on its way.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Tetris as much as the next guy, and it’s not like this is the first movie to be based on a game, but this one is really (really, really, really) clutching at straws! The simple tile matching gameplay and addictive music of Tetris make for some compulsive gaming, but doesn’t particularly scream cinema.

Perhaps Threshold Entertainment, who are responsible for this monstrosity were hoping to take the title of “most ridiculous movie adaptation” away from Battleship. Who would have thought that this spoof trailer would be so close to becoming a reality?

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  1. theodorazheng says:

    This was so funny! The theme helps to focus attention on your post and makes your blog look incredibly professional. This post is short and sweet and relevant 🙂

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    1. Luke Kent says:

      🙂 Thanks so much for the feedback, glad you like the post!

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