Lady and the Tramp (2019) Review

Of the smattering of “Originals” to launch with Disney Plus, the Mouse House’s shiny new streaming service, it’s Lady and the Tramp which stands as its headliner in the movie department. Because as we know, if there’s one thing that guarantees bums on seats for Disney, it’s lifeless live-action remakes of their classic animations. 

The Lion King (2019) Review

Disney’s steely insistence on remaking every single one of its animated properties has reached peak levels of ambition with The Lion King. “Live-action” this may market itself as being, but as we all know, it most definitely is not….because talking lions.

Coco Review

Pixar’s Up opens with a beautiful and heartbreaking montage of life, love, loss and regret for the time slipped by. Coco opens with an elegant montage all of its own, setting out the generations of small boy Miguel Rivera’s family, their proud traditions, their lasting superstitions and the effect that these have on the young aspiring musician’s dreams. But…

Inside Out (2015) Review

Compartmentalisation of emotions, the loss of youth and the complex inner workings of the mind. No, it’s not the hard hitting drama it reads as on paper. It’s just another day in the office for Pixar Animation Studios. They sure do know how to toy with our emotions…

10 Days of Horror – Day Three: The Little Mermaid

10 Days of Horror rolls on as we move ever closer to Halloween, bringing a new horror short film with it each step along the way. Whilst Day One took us to a not too distant future, and Day Two gave a reminder not to dwell on the past, Day Three takes us to a…

Cinderella (2015) Review

Whilst the necessity for a Cinderella remake can certainly be brought into question, the filmmaking talent behind this new version of the Disney classic certainly can’t be. This is classic Kenneth Branagh filmmaking – filled with such pomp, style and scale that it’s hard not to be drawn in.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Wish List

Developers Square Enix are taking their sweet time with this one! By the time Kingdom Hearts 3 finally releases, it will have been over 10 years (and an entire console generation) since the last numbered sequel. There have been a number of portable games in the franchise since, filling in the gaps between the second and…